Past and current Projects

We're Proud of our history......

A more detailed project history is available upon request.  Contact some of our past customers and you will see that our attention to customer service has left satisfied end users and general contractors. 

City of Albany Riverfront Interceptor Sewer Lift Station & Force Main - cOMPLETED jUNE 2020

Seneca Wastewater Systems Improvements - sENECA, orEGON - cOMPLETED aPRIL 2020


Chase Wellfield Water Treatment Plant - sPRINGFIELD, oREGON - cOMPLETED mAY 2018

​Willow Lake WPCF Gravity Thickener and Sludge Degritting Improvements - sALEM, oREGON - cOMPLETED NOVEMBER 2017

Shangri La Water District - sPRINGFIELD, oREGON – Water System Reconstruction Project #13-007 - Completed oCTOBER 2017

​Bend Water Reclamation Facility Secondary Expansion Project #SW0802 - COmpleted April 2016

COlumbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant Lagoon Reconstruction Phase 2 - COmpleted October 2015

Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant DIgester Mixing Upgrade Project #E08944 - COMPLETED September 2014

Aeration Basin Improvements at Willow Lake WPCF; Salem, Oregon - Completed JUne 2014

MWMC Primary Sludge Thickening Project #P80054 Eugene, Oregon Wastewater Treatment Plant - completed August 2013

Winston Green Regional WWTP Phase II Project No. R38980 - Completed June 2013

City of Coburg Water Reclamation Facility Phase 3 Coburg Water Reclamation Facility - Completed August 2013

Pony Creek Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project; Coos Bay, Oregon - Completed: March 2013

City of Lowell Public Infrastructure Improvements - Schedule III Lowell Wastewater Treatment Plant - Completed June 2012

Roberts Creek Water District Treatment Plant Phase III; Roseburg, Oregon - Completed May 2012

Tertiary Filtration Improvements Phase 1 Project #P80031; Eugene Oregon Wastewater -  Completed May 2012

Hillsboro WWTF Influent Pump Station Upgrade Project; Hillsboro, Oregon - Completed April 2012

Tri-City WPCP Temporary Biosolids Dewatering; Oregon City, Oregon - Completed:April 2012

Reedsport WWTP Improvements; Reedsport, Oregon - Completed July 2010

City of Stayton Water System Improvements; Stayton, Oregon - Completed June 2010

City of Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant; Monroe, Oregon - Completed March 2010

Peak Flow Management Improvements Project #P80056; Eugene, Oregon - Completed January 2010

Winchester Bay WWTP Improvements; Winchester Bay, Oregon - Completed September 2009

Shotgun Creek Park WWTP; Marcola, Oregon - Completed January 2009

Rock Creek WWTP Phase 6D – Secondary Clarifier No. 10; Hillsboro, Oregon - Completed September 2008

Primary/Secondary Clarifier Improvements Project #P80033; Eugene, Oregon - Completed August 2008

Facultative Sludge Lagoon Improvements Phase 1 Project #P80052; Eugene, Oregon - Completed May 2008

Westfir WWTP Improvements; Westfir, Oregon - Completed April 2008

Digester Mixing Improvements Project #P80034; Eugene, Oregon - Completed December 2007

Vera St. Wastewater Pump Station; Springfield, Oregon - Completed November 2007

Forked Horn Butte Freshwater Pump Station; Redmond, Oregon - Completed June 2007

MWMC Electrical Switchboard MCC Upgrade Project 2004-200112; Eugene, Oregon - Completed January 2006